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TimeTraders North and the Washburn Area Timebank

Welcome to your Friendly Neighborhood TimeBank

About Northern Wisconsin Timebanks--TimeTraders North and the Washburn Area Timebank

Members of TimeTraders North include a diverse citizenry in five counties that cluster around Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. TimeTraders North enables exchanges within a 100 mile radius from the office, located in Washburn, Northern Wisconsin.     The Washburn Area TimeBank holds events and focuses on connections anad exchanges for citizens in the City of Washburn and the townships of Washburn, Barksdale and Bayview.   The launch of the Washburn Area TimeBank is sponsored by an Otto Bremer Foundation grant.

How to Join--3 ways

1. Use our website:

 Washburn Area Use the contact us form to let us know your interest. We will send a Member Coordinator to meet  you and get you started.

2. Stop in at our office location at 30 E. Bayfield Street in Washburn (The ReSource Store) on T, TH, F, S  between 10-5. Complete your application. We will contact you by phone or in person.

3. Use the contact form on this site to let us know your interest. We will contact you by email.  


Give and Receive--Offer and Request

Timebanking works only if exchanges are regularly occurring. Everyone has talents and assets, gifts and ways to contribute. However, we must also receive these offers from others. TImebanking is not volunteerism. In some cases volunteerism can lead to burn out. So volunteers can take direction towards "Reciprocity." It is not about viewing those who request as "needy" and "Neediness" should not define anyone. Those who many consider having unmet needs can take direction towards exchanging and engaging. Then, it all works.

Enrollment FAQs

Who can join? Anyone. Those under 18 must be represented by a parent or guardian. 

Is there a fee? There is a membership fee of $5 that is paid once a year to cover insurance and other costs. The Alliance for Sustainability Chequamegon Bay is the Timebank fiscal agent.